Women in the Ministry is a Christian community committed to empowering and supporting women of faith to start their ministries outside the walls of the church. 

We recognize that God can work through women in various ways, whether through Christian life coaching, public speaking, support groups, retreats, programs, or virtual ministries. Our mission is to come alongside women to provide coaching, support, and ongoing resources to help them utilize their gifts to manifest the vision God has given them. By equipping women to step into God's purpose for their lives, we believe we can positively impact the world and ultimately bring God glory. 


Who is Women in the Ministry for…


  • The stay-at-home mother who has had a desire for years to start an online ministry. 
  • The working professional who wants nothing more than to leave her job so she can write a book, start her speaking career, or begin coaching clients.
  • The woman who has survived tremendous adversity, such as divorce, trauma, or a major loss, has a powerful story she wants to tell and use to help others. 
  • The woman who has a number of degrees or certifications but needs help discerning how to use her gifts and knowledge to form a ministry.
  • A woman who knows she is anointed and called to step into ministry but doesn’t understand the business side of ministry to get her vision off the ground.  
  • The woman who is afraid.  She has been running from God’s call over her life for too long because she doesn’t feel qualified, but knows now is the time to make the next step. 
  • The woman who needs a community of other women who can provide accountability, support, and wisdom to help her live out God’s calling for her life. 


If you’ve been searching for a community to help you take your ministry to the next level, your search is over.  



Receive weekly updates to help you launch and grow your ministry. 

A Community Designed With Your Needs In Mind....


Starting a ministry is not easy. From determining how to market your ministry or deciding which educational program to enroll in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.


We help you overcome the challenges that prevent you from getting started, so you can transform the vision God has given you into a reality.


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