Are you a Motivational Speaker or Transformational Speaker

Are you a Motivational Speaker or Transformational Speaker

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We’ve all been to an event where a speaker graces the stage and lights up the room with energy, excitement, and power. The audience is captivated by their unparalleled ability to pull them into their story as if they were witnessing it firsthand. You laugh, you shout, your body is filled with a flood of emotions as if you are ready to take on the world and change your life the moment you walk out the door. You leave the auditorium at ten, motivated to make a change. You say to yourself, “I’m going to start going to the gym every day.” “I’m going to start writing that book.” “I’m going to start this nonprofit.” “I’m going to…you fill in the blanks.” With great zeal, you are convinced you have started a new path. You set your clock for 5:00 am the next morning, ready to start Day 1 of your new life.

And yet, the next day, when you wake up, hit the snooze button, and wipe the crust out of your eyes, you are no longer motivated to go to the gym. “Maybe tomorrow,” you say. Tomorrow swiftly turns into a week, a week turns into a month, and before you know it, the excitement from the event becomes a distant memory that merely got you motivated for a fleeting moment, returning to the same old habits as before. You were motivated, but you weren’t transformed. 

It’s hard to count how many times this has happened to me. As a bona fide personal development junkie, I often find myself at various events, summits, workshops, and conferences in hopes of someone helping me to reach my next level. Some of the speakers would do an incredible job of painting the picture of my ideal dream. Their diction, use of stories, and affirmations effectively captivated their audience. They made me a believer, filling me to capacity with enthusiasm. No doubt, those speakers knew how to make me feel good at the moment, but unfortunately, I can’t take them with me for constant motivation every time I’m going through a difficult time. Motivation only lasts for so long, especially when its source is from someone or something external. That’s why, as a speaker, I no longer desire to be a motivational speaker; I want to be a transformational speaker. 

I first heard of the concept of a transformational speaker from my coach, Dr. Sonja Stribling. Seeing her in action, speaking on stages, I knew that this sister had the power to transform a room. A transformational speaker seeks to not only get someone excited at the moment, but they go beyond the surface, tapping into their deep sense of purpose and potential.

A transformational speaker shifts the mindset of the person. Similar to when Morpheus gives Neo the choice to take the blue or red pill in The Matrix, it is as if you take the red pill at the moment, and you leave the event seeing everything around you differently. During their talk, it goes beyond just receiving knowledge because that person experiences a revelation.

They learn hard truths about themselves, uncovering areas they've been blind to or unwilling to face. This deep introspection brings clarity regarding their next steps, highlighting the obstacles that have hindered them and showing them the consequences of staying stagnant. They leave the event not only motivated but determined to make changes at all costs, recognizing that the pain of not changing is far greater than the pain of the effort required to change.

Last but definitely not least, we understand as believers in Jesus Christ that God’s word is transformative. When we speak to an audience, we must set our prayer intentions before God. Every time we grace the stage, we should seek divine inspiration from our Creator so we can speak to the innermost thoughts of the audience, knowing that God has the ability to deliver, free, and transform the hearts of any person by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Those who hear you come in one way, but they leave another. These are the byproducts of a transformational speaker. So, based on what you’ve read, do you want to be a motivational speaker or a transformational one?

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Don’t just aim to inspire—aim to transform. Let’s change lives together.

About the Author

Rev Jocelyn J. Jones


Jocelyn is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Jocelyn's background as a journalist, executive director of a nonprofit, and community leader allows her to connect with people from all walks of life.  She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa in journalism.  After receiving her B.A., she earned her master's degree in social work and her master's degree in theological studies.  Jocelyn published her first book in 2019, called Breaking the Power of the Mask.

Jocelyn is an ordained minister and the President of Faith on the Journey, a Christian Counseling company specializing in grief and trauma.  She is a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute and the founder of the Women in the Ministry which helps women to start, grow, and sustain transformative ministries that change the world.